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We are so happy because Jimena has joined the group: She’s awesome! 

She will be working in a project in collaboration with Víctor Martín group. Smart pro-drugs and some other stuff…


Great news! Endika has joined the group as a post-doc. Ongi Etorri!

We expect not only good science from him, but also cooking some mouth-watering Basque dishes. 


We are glad Yaiza joined our group. Luckily today is her birthday so we can give her a well deserved Element Cake by Relieve. Welcome!



We are looking for a talented postdoc with experience in Organic Synthesis, Supramolecular Chemistry and interest in Medicinal Chemistry.

More information here


Lidia is carrying out a short stay at Imperiali Lab in MIT. Learning a lot about protein expression and luminiscent tools in biochemistry. Good luck!


Today we enjoyed together a proper Armenian lunch to wish Lidia good luck in her MIT adventure. Thanks to Tanausú and Mary for such an excellent feast!


Marcelle presents part of her work at ESOC 2019 Vienna


Delicious BBQ and sweet weather at IPNA-CSIC to celebrate Día de Canarias



Finally it’s here! A brand new climatic chamber to explore a thrilling and completely alternative research line: Novel approaches to cultural heritage preservation… Stepping out of our comfort zone for a bit…

It wasn’t easy to unpack, though… Many thanks to the technician team! 


Tanausú is carrying out a short stay at Schalley Group in Berlin. Hopefully this adventure will be very productive. Good luck Tana!


Celebrating that the old man is getting even older. A wonderful italian lunch. Glad to be surrounded by such a nice group of people. Thanks!


Happy Birthday David!

You deserve another Element Cake from Relieve


We have finally moved to the new lab at IPNA-CSIC!

And afterwards, celebrating the moving with a lunch in a typical guachinche

If you don’t know what a guachinche is, then you must:

-Come to Tenerife asap

-Read this.


We have a brand new periodic table on the wall of the IPNA building to celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table. Thanks to Manuel, Juan Ignacio, Chano, Nora and all the people involved. It looks great! 

Instead of using I-P-Na to spell IPNA with elements, we rather choose I-P-N-A (A from Adamantium obviously) How geek is that? I love it!


Happy Birthday Lidia!

Hope you like this new element: Ld



Happy Birthday Marcelle!

Your name on a cake, just to celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table. A truly Element Cake. Introducing Perretti (Pe).

Thanks for such a great cake Relieve


Paper accepted!!!

Building Covalent Molecular Capsules by Thiol-Michael Addition Click Reaction

Congratulations to Marcelle and Lidia!